to be located in
Citrus Country, FL
phone: 352-679-2484
not quite a church yet, but a mission that will be a church
Catholic but not Roman Catholic. Inclusive for all people of all faiths.

We worship as part of the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic church established by our Lord Jesus Christ.

We welcome all persons to the seven sacraments of Eucharist, Baptism, Confirmation, Reconciliation, Matrimony, Holy Orders, and Anointing of the Sick.

Our congregation is part of all church governance. We are open, welcoming, and inclusive.
We are a Catholic Church and we welcome all, regardless of race, national origin, marital status,
political beliefs, economic status, sexual orientation or gender identity. Join us in worship, fellowship and ministry.
We are a sacramental church observing Catholic liturgy.

We serve God in our community.  For more information contact
You are invited to visit
St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church
1296 Lori Dr., Spring Hill, Florida 34606
phone: 352-610-1780
Sunday Mass at 10:00 am

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✞  We believe the Holy Scriptures contain all things necessary for salvation, in its
inerrancy and divine inspiration.
✞  We believe Jesus Christ is truly present in Eucharistic elements of the bread and wine.
✞  We believe in and profess the Nicene creed.
✞  We believe and appreciate the wisdom and guidance of the Early Church Fathers.
✞  We believe in the seven sacraments of the Church: Baptism, Confirmation,
Holy Eucharist,  Anointing and Prayers for the Sick, Confession and Reconciliation,
Marriage, and Holy Orders.
✞  We believe women who profess a calling to serve God may be ordained to
Holy Orders as bishops, priests and deacons.
✞  We believe celibacy of those in Holy Orders is a personal decision.
We are self-governed and observe a 'two pillars' framework (Laity + Clergy). Both Council and Clergy are nominated and approved by all members of the church. Each person in our congregation is involved in all aspects of church government.

We are a Christian church which identifies with Catholic tradition but is not in communion with the See of Rome.

Our clergy hold valid apostolic succession.
About us and our worship
Fr. Michael Clancy
St. Matthew is a member community of the The Old Catholic Diocese of the Southeast
Bishop Ordinary: Most Rev. Steven M. Rosczewski
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This is a church "planting," a mission that will be a church in Citrus County or in the north of Hernando County, Florida.
Contact Fr. Michael at 813-404-4275 with your beneficial suggestion.
You are invited to visit St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church, 1296 Lori Dr., Spring Hill, Florida 34606  phone: 352-610-1780
Sunday Mass at 11:00 am (currently suspended due to pandemic)
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