We are a Catholic Church and we welcome all,
regardless of race, national origin, marital status, political beliefs, economic status, sexual orientation or
gender identity.  Join us in worship, fellowship and ministry. We are a sacramental church observing Catholic liturgy.
We serve God in our community.
Sunday Mass - 11:00a     other Holy Days - 5:00p

Misa en español  Ayúdanos a prepararnos para la misa en español. Necesitamos musica. Help us to prepare for Mass in Spanish. We need music.

location:    map link     1296 Lori Dr., Spring Hill, Florida 34606
phone: 352-610-1780 (leave a message)

Pastor:  Fr. Michael Clancy
Associate Pastor: Deacon Suzanne Dilts
We worship as part of the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic church established by our Lord Jesus Christ.

We welcome all persons to the seven sacraments of Eucharist, Baptism, Confirmation,
Reconciliation, Matrimony, Holy Orders, and Anointing of the Sick.

Our congregation is part of all church governance. We are open, welcoming, and inclusive.
We are followers of Jesus Christ.
All are welcome at the Lord's table.
Please contribute to our church.
God bless you for your donations.

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Special Announcement
  • We have returned to church for Mass since Easter Sunday.
  • With great hope we can look forward to the population being vaccinated. This, combined with the continued wearing of face coverings and standing or sitting apart, will allow us to return to our church as it should be. Florida and Hernando County are not doing a great job of managing this crisis. Please continue to protect yourselves. Stay home as much as possible and wear your face coverings when you're out.
Mass for 28 March  video
and playlist for past weeks
(no video for 2 May)
these items will be posted before 10:00a on the day of Mass

Recent Gospels and Homilies to read
the Gospel and Homily for
13 June 2021
This is the first campaign for our new Diocese of the Southeast. Let's make a good show of it.
Do you have an old iPad that you are not using? Please donate it to St. Paul for refurbishment. All donations will be distributed to the Churches and Missions in our new Diocese for placement where they are needed; especially to children who are home-schooling.

Yes, do give your older desktop & laptop computers which we hope to place with children not able to attend school. Ask your friends, family and neighbors. Be the person to collect the most iPads!  (Don't forget the power adapter and Apple ID of the unit to be donated)
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We are a member of the Old Catholic Diocese of the Southeast
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Stay home often. Stay distant from others. Wash your hands. Pray for those who are careless and inconsiderate with their health and yours.
  • Watch real news closely. I will stay in touch with each of you as we plan our church schedule for the months ahead. I invite your comment
by email to michael@spcath.org
  • We pray for the departure of this virus that changes how we worship and takes away our closeness; but never alters our love and faith in our Lord. We pray for our loved ones and so many others in the world. We are steadfast in the face of this challenge, through the courage and example of Jesus Christ.
  • I will stay in touch with each of you as we plan our church schedule for the months ahead.