Visit to St. Francis of Assisi Mission
We visited to help celebrate the first anniversary of St. Francis. This was a wonderful gathering of two congregations. Thank you for hosting us!   picture link
Mission Diocese of Florida, The Old Catholic Church - Province of the United States (TOCCUSA)

St. Paul the Apostle and St. Francis of Assisi are now joined by five more Mission churches or communities; some are in their infancy and some are concepts.

The churches, communities and missions located in Florida are presently under the Episcopal Protection of the Most Reverend Robert T. Fuentes, who is the
Bishop of the Old Catholic Diocese of Napa in California.

Church families located in Florida are termed as a Mission Diocese as we expand and prepare for our future in this state. The principal locations are Clearwater and Spring Hill, two very popular tourist destination and relocation points in Florida. Others are planned in nearby cities and counties. We are part of the greater Tampa Bay metropolitan area, which is one of the most dynamic and growing regions in Florida.

We are a Catholic Church apart from the jurisdiction of the Vatican. His Holiness, the Pope is always in our prayers, as are all patriarchs of all churches. God blesses all churches of the world.
Mass during the week
If you are unable to attend Mass on Sunday, please offer your input as we contemplate the addition of
a weekday Mass on Wednesday or Thursday. Your opinion is always welcome.
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The Order of Mass for your tablet computer
The Mass, including the hymns, will be available in digital format each week for tablet users.
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First Holy Communion   for Emilia L. was 17 December
The website joins us together in ecumenism and the Holy Spirit, to communicate our plans and progress as we work to form a diocese.

Welcome to Florida, welcome to the Old Catholic Church in the United States.
Carol and Harry were married on January 9, 2018
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Irene and Al were married on January 6, 2018
St. Francis of Assisi visits St. Paul the Apostle

On Sunday, January 21, the good people of St. Francis of Assisi made a rather long trip of fifty miles or so to Spring Hill from Clearwater to join St. Paul for worship and fellowship.

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Thanksgiving Day for the local community

St. Paul the Apostle will sponsor nine tables seating ten people for this coming
Thanksgiving Day, through Jericho Road Ministries.
Our special neighbors and Thanksgiving Day

St. Paul the Apostle recognizes several years of support from our wonderful neighbor, Hallcrest Eagles Aerie #4497. We donate in their name and dedicate five tables seating ten people. The Thanksgiving Day meals will be arranged through Jericho Road Ministries.