The Breviary

We have added the iBreviary link on this website. It works entirely from this page. You can read and pray all of the readings for this day, or change the date for future readings.

If you would like more information, or instructions on how to install the iBreviary application on your computers, tablets or phones, there is more info at:

What is the Breviary?

noun  bre·via·ry  (bre've-er'e, brev'e-)
plural  bre·via·ries

Definition of BREVIARY

1 often capitalized
  a :  a book of the prayers, hymns, psalms, and readings for the canonical hours
  b :  divine office
2 [Latin breviarium] :  a brief summary

Examples of BREVIARY
...a speech that could serve as a breviary for impeachment

Origin of BREVIARY
Middle English breviarie, from Medieval Latin breviarium, from Latin, summary, from brevis

First Known Use: 15th century