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Gaychurch.org is a web site dedicated to ministering to the gay Christian community and to the friends of our community.
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In addition to being proud of our philosophy and the direction we take in serving all of God's children, we endorse this organization and subscribe to their good intention:
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Our church is a member of The Old Catholic Church, Province of the United States (TOCCUSA).

We are self-governed and observe a 'two pillars' framework (Laity + Clergy). Both Council and Clergy are nominated and approved by all members of the church. Each person in our congregation is involved in all aspects of church government.

We are a Christian church which identifies with Catholic tradition but is not in communion with the See of Rome.

Our clergy hold valid apostolic succession.
We practice as true Catholics;

† We believe that the Holy Scriptures contain all things necessary for salvation, in its inerrancy and divine inspiration.
† We believe that Jesus Christ is truly present in Eucharistic elements of the bread and wine.
† We believe in and profess the Nicene creed.
† We believe in apostolic succession.
† We believe and appreciate the wisdom and guidance of the Early Church Fathers.
† We believe in the seven sacraments of the Church: Baptism, Confirmation, Holy Eucharist, Anointing and Prayers for the Sick, Confession and Reconciliation, Marriage, and Holy Orders.
† We believe that women who profess a calling to serve God may be ordained to Holy Orders as bishops, priests and deacons.
† We believe that celibacy of those in Holy Orders is a personal decision.
St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church was established in 2002, and included into the Old Catholic Church, Province of the United States in 2014.

We are here to love God and love our neighbors as we love ourselves. We are inclusive, non-judgmental, and ecumenical toward all. We are all children of God and there are no exceptions. All are welcome at His table.

We are a Catholic Church and we welcome all, regardless of race, national origin, marital status, political beliefs, economic status, sexual orientation or gender identity. We serve God in our community.

We commit ourselves to grow spiritually and live the Gospel message.

We practice loving service and outreach to those in need, to the limits of our budget and resources.
We celebrate the gift of Holy Mass with the Roman Missal, Third Edition. On occasion, Mass may be celebrated in Latin, Spanish or French.
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† The Old Catholic Church - Province of the United States, and St. Paul as a congregation support same-sex marriage.

† Both opposite sex and same sex couples may receive the sacrament of marriage.
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